Deposit Products

Savanna-Thomson State Bank provides many great deposit-based accounts. The best way to start is by picking an account that will assist you in achieving your financial goals. Contact one of our locations today to open your account!


Checking Accounts

We offer several different account types to meet your needs. Choose what works best for you, from free checking to interest bearing checking accounts.

Savings Accounts

Prepare for tomorrow by saving today. From setting funds aside for life’s unexpected curve balls to preparing for a comfortable retirement, the best way to start is by picking an account that will assist you in achieving your financial goals.

Hometown Money Market

If you have a larger balance to invest, but still want to maintain access to funds, this account can provide the earning power and flexibility you need. With our tiered rate system, you can earn even higher interest as your balance increases over time.

Health Savings Account

Invest in your wellness with an account that may provide you with a tax advantage. Set aside pre-tax money to use for qualified medical expenses for you and your family. An HSA earns competitive interest like a savings account, but you can access the money anytime via check or with your HSA debit card.

Kids Club Savings

It’s never too early to open a Kids Club Savings Account for your child. Start saving when they’re a baby and watch their money grow as they do.

Certificate of Deposit

CDs are a popular, higher-yielding FDIC-insured investment vehicle. A wide variety of terms are available to suit your savings plans and goals. Ask a personal banker for terms & current rate information.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Support your longer-term savings and prepare for retirement. Both Traditional and Roth IRAs are available and each offers a variety of tax advantages. Ask a personal banker for terms and current rate information.

Debit Cards

With a Debit Card, you can make purchases anywhere Mastercard is accepted, online or in-person and to withdraw cash from an ATM.

If your card is lost or stolen, please contact the bank at 1-815-273-2261 or after hours call Fiserv at 1-800-472-3272.

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